About Dr. Ericka M. Valenzuela

Dr. Valenzuela is a Board Certified Family Practice physician, with a special interest in Lifestyle medicine. Her training enables her to offer a wide range of acute and chronic and preventative medical services for the entire family. She has over 15 years of experience and her compassion and attention to detail have won her the respect of both patients and colleagues alike. She personally checks on each and every patient. That is the kind of personal attention you will get with Dr. Valenzuela. She also makes herself available Рvia call, text, patient portal, or email. Her patients can even reach out to her on weekends and evenings for any urgent matter. Dr. Valenzuela and her team will even take the time to help patients navigate this difficult healthcare system, show them where they can save money if possible, and educate them on where to find highly trained specialists in case additional care is needed. 

What is "Direct Primary Care"?

Simply put, at WeCARE Medical (a Direct Primary Care office), we focus on the physical and mental well-being, as well as prevention of disease; without the oversight and associated cost of the middle man-the insurance industry. For a low fixed monthly fee, patients get direct access to their Primary Care doctor via in-person, Telemedicine, phone, or email.  There are no co-pays and no deductibles. It allows the doctor and patient to have the freedom of spending as much time in the office as they want-until the medical issue at hand has been resolved. This model has so many advantages that many patients choose DPC even when they have medical insurance. Did you know that the DPC monthly fees are often less than the annual cost of copays/coinsurance/deductible paid for office visits, labs, and prescriptions. Schedule a meeting with Dr. Valenzuela to talk about your needs and ask about pricing.

More About Direct Primary Care